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Electric Garage Doors

For some reason many people have developed the ideology that when something breaks down it is always cheaper to replace it then fix it. We are here to tell you that this is not always the case at all. Garage Doors Edmonton has serviced a great many systems over the years and has found problems as simple as a loose wire. Our experts only make the electric garage door repair that is necessary and we never add in hidden fees or charges.Electric Garage Doors

In our book honesty is still the best policy to abide by and we let our customers know exactly where they stand before we commence to making any repair. We don’t see that as something special. We believe that should be common customer courtesy. Our experts provide their undivided attention to every electric garage door in Edmonton they are called upon to service. We take every electric garage door service repair seriously and treat it with the respect it deserves.

We excel at all types of broken electric garage door repair. Our experts can specialize in electric garage door installation, replacement or repair of numerous parts in the garage operation. Sometimes when a door will not close the homeowner or business immediately thinks a cable or spring has broken. This is not always true.

The problem could just as easily be a safety sensor. At ground level on each side of the door is a small box with a sensor; an electric eye if you will. These sensors are connected by a beam. If that beam is interrupted it tells the door to not close for safety reasons. The misalignment of these boxes can cause the door to stop.
Edmonton Garage Doors uses highly effective troubleshooting skills to find the simplest of problems. Don’t give up on your door until our experts have checked it out for you.